VS Code!

Ever since graduating from a Systems Admin role to DevOps one of the most frequently used tools in my toolbag is the text/code editor. Like many people I started on Notepad++ which by its own right is still a legitimately good editor. However working back and forth between Mac, Linux, and Windows desktop environments I gravitated towards Sublime Text and stayed there for a long time. I’ve recently begun studying for the MCSA Linux on Azure certification and have begun poking at Visual Studio more and in doing so discovered VS Code. VS code is a beautiful open source editor with a ton of plugins and a nice UI with excellent choices in syntax highlighting. Here’s some of the selling points that caused me to jump over to it:


  • Dark Themes
  • Cross Platform Support (Linux, Mac, and Windows)
  • options to add “code” to your path
  • automatic detection of files in a git repo and change tracking
  • useful diff screens
  • ability to launch terminal from within the editor window
  • Chef Support
  • Puppet Support
  • Powershell Support
  • Folder tree management
  • Syntax highlighting that’s helpful without being color vomit
  • Integrations with Azure WebApps PaaS
  • Key bindings for Vim, Sublime and other familiar editors


Here’s a Link to download VS Code:¬†https://code.visualstudio.com/