Reflections on 2017

Well believe it or not we’re less than 48 hours from ringing in the new year. So much has happened this year, some of it good some of it not so good. Looking back on 2017 it’s been a huge year of personal growth, learning lots of new technologies and shipping new projects I’d never thought I’d work on before. I started this blog 3 years ago when I was working as a small business systems administrator looking to centralize some helpful knowledge to fix various obscure problems I’ve come across, or to share new and interesting things, or talk about coffee 🙂

After spending the last 2.5 years working for managed service providers I’ve been exposed to so many more technologies than I ever dreamed of, largely moved from Windows/Microsoft infrastructure to Linux/Open Source infrastructure and tools. Next year I look forward to diving in head first into more containerization and cloud native tools and stacks. It’s been a wild and crazy ride but a fun one. I have a few blog posts waiting in the wings for 2018 that will be fun. Expect to see some new posts in the new year on topics ranging from Docker, Kubernetes, Data Warehousing, and Infrastructure as code.