Installing Ansible

In July I started a post series on Ansible. This is a continuation of that series. The purpose of this post is to provide instructions for basic installation of Ansible.

Installation On Mac OS (via Homebrew)

To install Ansible on Mac the easiest method is to install via Home Brew with the following command

brew install ansible

Upon install you can create an ansible.cfg file in one of a few places to it to be picked up by Ansible. ~/.ansible.cfg or /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

Installation On Linux (via Package Manager)

Depending on whether your distribution you should be able to install using one of the following 2 commands:

apt-get install ansible
yum install ansible

Installation Via Python Pip

Ansible can be installed on any of the above operating systems using Pip.

pip install ansible

Additionally with pip you can also install Ansible within a virtual environment. This can be handy when testing upgrading version of Ansible.